Time for a Change Group

The Time for a Change group is for those aged 17+ who are interested in receiving support around their substance use/abuse or other mental health related concerns. “Meet the client where they’re at” is the motto for this support group. Those seeking abstinence or harm reduction are both welcome.

In cultivating an open dialogue and establishing meaningful connections within the group, the group aims to provide individuals with a supportive and therapeutic environment to explore any personal experiences or emotions that they are confronting. Each week begins with a “check-in” with how their week has been going; covering positives, concerns, or “issues” that they would like to address. This is followed by feedback from other participants based on personal experiences and subjective suggestions. Afterward, the group facilitator will offer clinical/therapeutic feedback.

Common themes that arise from group sharing will lead to a facilitated discussion on a variety of topics that are always relevant to those present. Topics discussed include relapse prevention, coping with craving, entering recovery/different methods to recovery, working on relationships, boundaries, emotional regulation, building self-esteem and self-confidence, and addressing mental health concerns. There is no cost to attend.

This group is facilitated by Jay Pasternack and co-facilitated by Karolina Drozd.

The Time for a Change group runs every Thursday evening from 7:30-8:45PM on ZOOM. 

Registration is required. Please contact Jay Pasternack at 416-939-0074


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