Screen and Technology Addiction Test

  1. Do you find your child spending more and more time online or on their digital devices (computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone) than they seem to realize.
  2. Does your child seem to lose track of time when on any of these devices?
  3. Is your child staying up late to stay on the computer?
  4. Does your child get fidgety, anxious and /or angry if they do not have their device?
  5. Is their tech usage negatively affecting their schoolwork, family life or other activities or interests?
  6. Is your child showing he or she has a difficult time getting virtual imagery, sound or feel out of their heads?
  7. Does your child experience any auditory, physical or visual hallucinations only associated with screen or technology usage?
  8. Is your child dreaming of virtual imagery?
  9. Is your child hiding their screen usage or hiding their devices from you?
  10. Does your child seem to have a more difficult time regulating their emotions?
  11. Does your child seem more apathetic and bored more easily (except for things to do with screens)?
  12. Do you find your child mindlessly passing time on a regular basis by staring at their Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer–even when there might be better or more productive things to do?
  13. Does your child seem perpetually tires yet also agitated?
  14. Are teachers, family or friends complaining or commenting about your child’s screen usage?
  15. Is your child falling asleep in school or when not using screens?
  16. You find yourself feeling hesitant to limit or remove your child’s use of their digital technology, and when you do limit it or take it away from them, they have a strong emotional or physical reaction?

Any of the above symptoms or behaviours could be a sign that your child has a screen and / or technology addiction. If you score is on the higher side it would be reasonable to examine whether your or a loved ones use or over-use is creating any problems.

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