Danielle Gavrielov

Marketing Coordinator


Danielle Gavrielov is the Marketing Coordinator at JACS, and her role is deeply rooted in both her extensive marketing expertise and her unwavering commitment to community service. Her passion for community service has driven her to actively volunteer and contribute to various charitable initiatives. She firmly believes that marketing is not just about driving results for businesses; it’s a powerful tool for creating positive social impact.

Danielle’s proficiency in social media and marketing platforms, coupled with her adaptability in fast-paced environments, positions her as an invaluable asset in the field. Her strong organizational skills, effective communication abilities, and commitment to creating meaningful change underscore her dedication to excellence.

At JACS, Danielle brings her extensive marketing expertise and a genuine passion for community service. She is driven by the belief that purpose-driven marketing and communications can elevate a cause and inspire people to be philanthropic. As the Marketing Coordinator, she plays a pivotal role in connecting the community with JACS’ mission and values.