JACS Toronto is an organization that provides support to those affected by substance use and addiction in the Thornhill, Ontario area. JACS Toronto stands for Jewish Addiction Community Services and it is a non-profit organization that works with individuals, families and communities to provide services such as counselling, education programs, outreach initiatives and more. One of the most important services offered by JACS Toronto is their support for overdose cases in Thornhill, Ontario

Overdose deaths are becoming increasingly common across Canada due to opioid misuse or abuse. The team at JACS Toronto has been working hard since 2019 to reduce these numbers through prevention strategies as well as providing resources for those who have experienced an overdose or are at risk of one occurring. They offer 24/7 crisis response teams which can be contacted if someone needs immediate help after experiencing an overdose; this includes medical attention from paramedics if necessary but also further emotional support from trained professionals who understand how difficult it can be dealing with such a traumatic experience alone or without proper guidance on what steps should come next afterwards when recovering both physically and mentally from the event itself.. 

In addition they also host regular workshops regarding harm reduction techniques so that people living in Thornhill, Ontario know how best they can protect themselves against overdoses while still being able to access substances safely should they choose too; this includes information about naloxone kits which block opioids’ effects temporarily until emergency responders arrive on scene during any potential future situations where someone may need assistance right away following another individual overdosing nearby them.. Overall JACS Toronto continues its mission of helping individuals within the community find better pathways towards recovery no matter what stage their journey currently finds them at – whether through preventative measures like educational seminars around drug safety protocols or responding quickly when needed during times of crisis related directly towards overdoses happening within our city limits alike!

Adult Outreach and Education

Bring it home – or to your shul, school, business, or organization. JACS Toronto offers, free of charge, adult, student, and youth outreach programs about mental health and addiction. These programs can be customized for your needs, or you can choose from a list of important current topics. For more information or to book an educational workshop, contact us at: (416)638-0350 or visit: jacstoronto.org

JACS Toronto is a safe, inclusive and non-judgmental space providing support, information and access to multiple services.

We have your back!

At JACS Toronto, we provide a range of services to help people impacted by Overdose. We offer one-on-one counselling, support groups, harm reduction supplies, mental health services and so much more.

Compassionate care for all
Our team is here to provide you with the support you need in a safe and non-judgmental environment. We recognize that everyone has their own story and we strive to provide individualized care for every person who walks through our doors.

Be part of the recovery journey
At JACS Toronto we believe in the power of recovery and are committed to helping individuals along their journey. With our wide range of programs and services we can help you or someone you love take back control of their lives.

For more info call (416)638-0350 or visit: jacstoronto.org