JACS Toronto is an organization that provides support to victims of overdose in Ottawa, Ontario. This organization was founded by a group of individuals who wanted to provide resources and help those affected by the opioid crisis in Canada’s capital city. JACS Toronto works with local organizations, health care providers, and community members to create a safe space for people struggling with addiction or at risk of overdosing on opioids. 

The primary focus of JACS Toronto is providing direct services such as harm reduction supplies like naloxone kits and fentanyl test strips; counselling; case management; peer-support programs; training sessions for first responders on recognizing signs of overdose and administering naloxone kits when needed; access to detoxification facilities, treatment centers, housing supports etc.; public education campaigns about the dangers associated with drug use/misuse as well as how family members can best support their loved ones dealing with addiction issues. They also work closely with police forces across Ottawa, Ontario so they are better informed about current trends related to drug overdoses within their respective jurisdictions which helps them respond more effectively when called upon during an emergency situation involving someone having overdosed on drugs. 

In addition to these services provided directly from JACS Toronto itself there are also other initiatives taken up by its partners that have helped reduce the number of deaths due to opioid overdoses in Ottawa, Ontario significantly over recent years – including supervised consumption sites where users can safely take drugs under medical supervision if necessary (reducing risks associated accidental overdoses), increased availability & accessibility naloxone kits throughout various locations around town (including pharmacies) plus outreach programs targeting hard-to-reach populations such as street involved youth or homeless persons living rough etc.. All these measures combined have had positive outcomes thus far but much still needs done ensure everyone affected receives proper care & attention they need combat this epidemic headon!

Adult Outreach and Education

Bring it home – or to your shul, school, business, or organization. JACS Toronto offers, free of charge, adult, student, and youth outreach programs about mental health and addiction. These programs can be customized for your needs, or you can choose from a list of important current topics. For more information or to book an educational workshop, contact us at: (416)638-0350 or visit: jacstoronto.org

JACS Toronto is a safe, inclusive and non-judgmental space providing support, information and access to multiple services.

We have your back!

At JACS Toronto, we provide a range of services to help people impacted by Overdose. We offer one-on-one counselling, support groups, harm reduction supplies, mental health services and so much more.

Compassionate care for all
Our team is here to provide you with the support you need in a safe and non-judgmental environment. We recognize that everyone has their own story and we strive to provide individualized care for every person who walks through our doors.

Be part of the recovery journey
At JACS Toronto we believe in the power of recovery and are committed to helping individuals along their journey. With our wide range of programs and services we can help you or someone you love take back control of their lives.

For more info call (416)638-0350 or visit: jacstoronto.org