Clayton Rosenthal School Outreach Program

Clayton Rosenthal School Outreach Program

JACS Toronto is a leading educational resource for substance use and abuse in the GTA. JACS has made it part of our mission to support schools in providing students, facilities, and parents with education around substance abuse, addiction, mental health, and healthy lifestyle choices.

As part of our outreach, we provided free educational workshops for students regarding these topics. Content pieces of our workshops aim to begin raising young people’s awareness of the issues related to substance use and mental health. In addition, we believe that increasing students’ knowledge of how to handle common conflicts, such as peer pressure, social influences, stress, and other mental health concerns, supports their development of healthy coping strategies and resiliencies.

Each workshop presents educational material on relevant issues in an engaging and interactive way and can be modified to meet the needs of the students. Content of current workshops include Marijuana and the Teenage Brain, the Continuum of Substance Use, Steps to Healthy Decision-Making, and Mental Health & Concurrent Disorders. Furthermore, a guest speaker is invited to share his/her experiences with substance abuse in which the students can openly ask questions and engage in a dialogue about the progression of an addiction and the journey of recovery.

We look forward to speaking with you to further discuss what we can offer your school and to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to give us a call or email at any time. 

To book a JACS presentation for your school, please contact our Clinical Director, Jay Pasternack


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