JACS Toronto Releases Courage 2 Change Mental Health Resource Guides for Post-Secondary Students on Campus

JACS Toronto Releases Courage 2 Change Mental Health Resource Guides for Post-Secondary Students on Campus

Toronto, Canada
Date: October 2023

JACS (Jewish Addiction Community Services) Toronto is please to release our Courage 2 Change program’s Mental Health & Wellness Resources for college and university students. This series was designed as a support tool for post-secondary students and support staff to educate, de- stigmatize, and support students in the area of mental health.

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In a recent survey of Ontario post-secondary students, more than a third claimed to be struggling with depression, generalized anxiety, or another mental health challenges. Almost two thirds of the survey respondents said they suffered from inadequate coping strategies, with insufficient resources on campuses to care for their needs in a timely manner. To directly address this need, and as an outgrowth of the thousands of conversations we have had with students, JACS created these Courage 2 Change Resource Guides. Acting as a support resource for students and staff, they are designed with a trauma-informed lens, and with simple and easy to understand supports for students. Resource Guides cover six key mental health and wellness topics, with more being released soon.

Alongside our Resource Guides, JACS is also pleased to release a Campus Survival Guide – 10 helpful tips for enjoying campus life and staying grounded. Postcards will be distributed to students, and campus support centres, and provide helpful tips for students as they navigate campus life.

About Courage 2 Change:

Courage 2 Change (C2C) is a JACS Toronto program, established in 2019 in memory of Honey & Barry Sherman, and is a student mental health program created by JACS Toronto. C2C offers educational workshops, a student ambassador program, and tailored support groups for post- secondary students. Courage 2 Change is geared towards equipping individuals with the tools needed to help navigate this critical stage of life, as we recognize how mental health and wellness are fundamental pre-conditions to learning and success.

JACS Toronto is a registered non-profit charity offering sliding scale support for those in need, and is generously funded by our JACS Community Angels, donors, and private donations. To make a donation to JACS Toronto, click the button below.

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