JACS Toronto Announces Appointment of New Board Co-Chairs 

JACS Toronto Announces Appointment of New Board Co-Chairs 
Toronto, ON – July 3, 2024

JACS Toronto is excited to announce Chani Edell and Ori Mandowsky as our new Co-Chairs of the Board of Directors. With Shane Altbaum concluding his successful 5-year tenure as Board Chair, this strategic leadership announcement underscores our commitment to advancing our mission to Save Lives, Support Families, and Strengthen Communities.

Both Chani and Ori bring extensive experience to our organization, with longstanding involvement and impactful contributions to JACS. Chani Edell has served on the JACS Board of Directors for five years, playing a pivotal role in marketing, events, and leading successful fundraising campaigns. Her commitment to community service shines through her work in helping to destigmatize mental health, while also driven by a family tradition of philanthropy.

Ori Mandowsky enhances our team with extensive financial expertise, drawing from his 6-year tenure on the Board of Directors at JACS and his role as Chair of our strategic planning committee. Ori is a Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager with Nicola Wealth’s Toronto office with over 14 years of experience in wealth management, following a career as a corporate lawyer. Beyond his professional achievements, Ori is deeply involved in community initiatives, including organizing charity bike rides.

Commenting on their appointment, JACS President & CEO Ori Goldstein said, “The diversity of Chani and Ori’s backgrounds bring unique skills that will help strengthen our organization, and increase our ability to support individuals and affected family members struggling with addiction and mental health challenges. They will also play a pivotal role in breaking the stigma around addiction so individuals can get the help they need. With Chani and Ori at the helm, JACS Toronto looks forward to building on its impactful legacy and furthering our lifesaving work in the community.”


Chani Edell

I strongly believe in our organization’s mission to be the community’s trusted point of contact to support those impacted by addiction, and I am genuinely excited to step into the role of Board Co-Chair alongside Ori Mandowsky. By working collaboratively, we can develop innovative programs and provide essential resources to help individuals and families overcome the challenges of addiction and lead fulfilling lives.

Ori Mandowsky

There is immense potential to support those impacted by addiction, and I am excited to step into the role of Board Co-Chair for JACS Toronto. Together, we can pioneer new programs and offer vital resources to assist individuals and families in overcoming addiction and achieving meaningful recovery.


Jewish Addiction Community Services (JACS) is a registered charity and is Toronto’s only substance use and addiction organization with a Jewish lens. Our mission is to deliver unified education, programming, care, and support to all those affected by addiction in the Jewish community and beyond. JACS Toronto offers both individual and group therapy for individuals from all backgrounds who are suffering from any type of addiction, whether that is substance use or process addictions. JACS approaches support groups with a unique lens by offering groups based on what the community needs at the current time. 

“All those affected by addiction” includes family members, friends, or anyone in a support network who cares for a loved one with substance or behavioral addictions, and who seeks resources to support them. “And beyond” includes all individuals, regardless of their background or belief. We offer barrier-free access to our programs and services for anyone who needs them. There is no waitlist to meet with a clinician for individual or family counseling, which is offered at a sliding-scale or free of charge for those with financial limitations, and all support groups and outreach workshops are free to attend. To learn more about JACS visit: https://www.jacstoronto.org.

As a non-profit charity, JACS offers sliding scale support for those in need, and relies on donors to continue our life-changing work. To donate to JACS Toronto and support our vision, please visit: https://jacstoronto.org/donate