The following are JACS group guidelines that JACs uses to run its groups to ensure it is a safe place for all to participate. By attending our groups, you have read and agree to the following: 

1.  Individual Conduct. When participating in groups, we kindly ask you to: 

2. Confidentiality: What is discussed or shared in the group stays in the group. This means that anything that is shared or that you learn or hear about other group members must be kept confidential, and not shared or discussed outside of the group. For example, names of other group participants or the personal experiences or stories should not be shared. If you see a group member in public or someone you know in the group, we ask that you respect their confidentiality. Please help keep JACS a safe space where all feel comfortable attending and sharing. 

3. Obligation to Report: JACS group facilitators will keep the information you share in the group confidential. However, in certain circumstances, JACS group facilitators are legally obligated to report any serious threats or risk of bodily harm to oneself or to others.  They are also obligated to report to government-run children’s aid services any disclosed or known cases of child abuse or neglect, or the threat of abuse or neglect to children.  

4.  Opinions of Group Members. The opinions, view and perspectives are strictly those of group participants, and do not reflect JACS and JACS group facilitators.  

5.  No Tolerance for Harmful or Unlawful Behaviour. JACS does not tolerate any violence, bullying, intimidation, harassment, or other harmful or unlawful behaviour by group members during group sessions. JACS reserves the right to remove you from the Group if you do not follow these group guidelines.  

6.  Legal Disclaimer. JACS is not responsible or liable for any actions that a group participant takes or does not take while at groups or outside of the group. 

7.  Voluntary Attendance.  Your attendance is voluntary, but we recommend for participants to attend the group at least six (6) times to help them get a better understanding of mental health and addiction and hear others in the group share their experiences.  

8. Additional Support. If you are looking for additional support outside of group, JACS offers individual/couple/family counselling. Please call (416)-638-0350 or info@jacstoronto.org to find out more. 

9. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By attending this group, you have agreed to the Terms of Use and reviewed our Privacy Policy available online on our website.  

10. Email and Video-conferencing Policy. All electronic communication carries some risk. By attending this Group, you have reviewed our Email and Video-Conferencing Policy, which explains the rules, and risks of using any video-conferencing technology and platform like Zoom.