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A thank you message from Zalman.

Thank you for taking a moment to participate one last time in what has been a life’s journey for me. 

The Zalman & Naomi Goldman Family Fund at JACS is being established as a general fund to make sure that no one should suffer when they need help in our community when struggling with the effects of addiction and mental health on Jewish family life. The fund is being established to recognize our contribution over the last two decades to help provide resources and education to help improve the mental health of Toronto’s Jewish community. 

A journey of a thousand miles, or in my case over 20 years, started with a single phone call. “He’s out of control! On drugs! I don’t know what to do.” I had many such calls over the last two decades, but none rattled me the way that first one did. How can a loved one have an issue and our community does not have an answer? With that, my journey at JACS began. Jewish geography led a quick path to my dear late friend and mentor, Rabbi Abe Twerski, and then my old friend Chuck who knew someone who knew someone in recovery in Toronto.  

When I arrived on day one, I had no idea where to go or how to get there but am thrilled to say that even without using Waze, we’ve arrived safely. JACS is a vibrant, caring, and welcoming centre, now referred to as “the go to place” in Toronto’s Jewish community for all who struggle or want more information on how to navigate or raise their kids with fewer struggles. 

We now have an answer, and that answer is JACS Toronto! 

My time here has been eye opening, rewarding, challenging, and inspiring. It has been a roller coaster par excellence, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be at the control panel.  

Just as it is important for families of those struggling to have a strong support system, so too has is it been important for me to have had that from all of you during my time at JACS. Thank you. 

Please join me on November 2nd. Please open your hearts and give generously to this life changing, lifesaving, most special cause. 

Thank you again for your partnership and trust over the years, 


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Zalman & Naomi Goldman Family Fund

This fund will help ensure that no one will go without the support they need when struggling with addiction and related mental health concerns. Please donate generously.