Courage 2 Change was established in memory of Honey and Barry Sherman, and is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation and The Azrieli Foundation and others.

Mental Health & Wellness Support for Students

We help post-secondary students across Ontario struggling with mental health, wellness, substance use and abuse and behavioural addictions.

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Find you need support? JACS and the Courage 2 Change team is here for you. Reach out, even if you’re anxious to. Email samantha@jacstoronto.org or call us. 

What is Courage 2 Change?

Courage 2 Change (C2C) is a student mental health program created by JACS Toronto. Courage 2 Change offers educational workshops, a student ambassador program, and tailored support groups for post-secondary students and staff. We recognize that mental health and wellness are a fundamental pre-condition to learning and success. Courage 2 Change is geared towards equipping individuals with the tools needed to help navigate this critical stage of life.

Our program portfolio includes: workshops, professional development training, panel discussions, student leader/peer training, webinars, mental health weekends, support groups, individual counselling, and referrals.

Courage 2 Change offers sliding-scale and free, confidential, individual counselling with no waitlist to post-secondary aged individuals. We pride ourselves on offering barrier-free care, and that your financial situation should not prevent you from getting care.

Our Workshops

Courage 2 Change workshops are created through a strengths-based and trauma-informed lens. Our educational and awareness programs are knowingly designed in partnership with wellness centres, clubs, and students on campus.

Our workshops take a collaborative approach with our partners to create the best outcome for participants. The below workshop examples provide an idea of programs we have developed. We welcome any opportunity to create custom programming for your institution, and creating additional tools for supporting students, staff, and wellness centres.

Navigating Stress
& Stress Resiliency

Consider this workshop your crash course in navigating stress and building proper coping mechanisms. Through a variety of topics, we take a deeper dive into different types of stress and how it affects you, navigating your feelings, as well as juggling stressful times of the academic calendar/school year.

Coping With
Mental Health Challenges

Many students find themselves struggling with anxiety, depression, and difficulty emotionally regulating. These workshops are designed to help guide you through what you are experiencing, and supporting your mental health.

Thriving In Your
First Year Away

This is a year of firsts for you. Your first year at university or college , the first year living on your own, and many other firsts. The JACS Campus Survival Guide is designed to help you navigate these firsts, and support you throughout the year and beyond.

Avoiding & Managing

Burnout is real. These sessions seek to demystify some of the common misconceptions of burnout, talk about the underlying issues that create burnout, and share helpful strategies to work through it.


Developing Healthy

Relationships are hard, and require work to maintain. In these workshops we teach you how to navigate the intricacies of your interpersonal relationships, and how to create healthy boundaries.

Mental wellness is
key to learning

The C2C Ambassador Program

In recognizing that mental wellness is a fundamental pre-condition to learning and success on campus, Courage 2 Change works with university and college students with an interest and passion for mental health and wellness.

Our Student Ambassador Program gives students a platform to create innovative and inclusive initiatives that foster mental wellness both on and off campus. Student Ambassadors help coordinate projects and events at their respective institutions, and provide valuable and enriching experience in leadership and communication – and it looks great on your resume!

JACS Resource Guides

JACS Resource Guides have been designed for post-secondary students and support staff to educate, de-stigmatize, and offer support in the realm of mental health. Guides on anxiety, burnout, dependencies, depression, self care, and stress are available, with more to come in the future.

On Campus Collaborators


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