Courage to Change (C2C)

Courage to Change Campus Program in Memory of Honey and Barry Sherman

Courage to Change (C2C) is JACS new campus initiative for university-aged students. The primary goals are to help overcome, and supply solutions to, the stigmas and problems associated with mental health and addiction. In addition, JACS has in-house resources, such as counselling and support groups, which are available for those looking for additional help.

C2C is open to collaborations with other organizations. Our program portfolio includes; workshops for students, professional development training for campus staff, panel discussions, student leader/peer training, webinars, mental health weekends, support groups, individual counseling, and resourcing.

C2C was established in memory of Honey and Barry Sherman. Currently, we are actively involved at universities across Ontario including: University of Toronto, Ryerson, York, Guelph, Laurier, Queens, Waterloo, Western and McMaster.

For more information or to book a JACS presentation for university aged individuals, please contact
Ita Tobis, Director of Campus Programming at 416.638.0350 x230 or [email protected].


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