Mordy’s Legacy

Mordecai Marc Sasportas, nicknamed Mordy, was one of six siblings. Raised in a loving and caring home in Montreal, where Jewish values were of central importance. As a child, Mordy had that spark in his eyes, curious and enthusiast. He grew up as a charming, smart and talented young boy. He was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) in elementary school, where he was sent out often for disturbing the class, otherwise, compensating with his charm and intelligence. Rabbis and educators recommended Mordy to attend a small Yeshiva with a limited group of students, for more personalized attention. He went to Monsey at age fifteen. This helped him the first year, but in the second year he met the wrong people and went to the wrong places. When asked to come back home he refused and his Rabbi asked us to leave him there until the school year ends. Shortly his return to Montreal, he began to medicate himself. At 18 he went with Birthright to Israel. Eventually he went on his own to a Rehab centre and upon his return from rehab, he held various jobs and took a drafting course. He couldn’t find himself, did not finish his course, and unfortunately relapsed. Since he didn’t want to bother his parents, he rather moved out of the house. At age 24, he asked for help and he was sent to Chabad Rehab in Los Angeles, stayed there for one year and was working at various companies. He again relapsed and struggled to stay “clean” all the time. His struggle with addiction was further hindered with the reality that he was not legally allowed to work in the US. Facing a difficult condition, he went to Beth Tsheva rehab, but relapsed again a short time after. He tragically passed away on July 14, 2019 at age 30. Mordy connected well with people, he touched everyone’s heart, saw what was broken in this world, and wanted to fix it. He did it because he cared and loved people. He was almost able to read people’s mind. He used this gift to predict what people needed or felt, to provide before they asked. He was very generous with his money and time, always there for everyone. Hashem should help us make this loss a gain for everyone.

David & Flora, Mordy’s parents





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