Adult Outreach and Education

Adult Outreach and Education

JACS is a private non-profit organization that has been helping the community for over 20 years. One part of JACS mission is to break the stigma associated with substance use disorders, such as alcohol and cannabis, and compulsive behaviors, such as gambling and sex addiction. This stigma and lack of knowledge has resulted in the suffering of millions of people and the deaths of tens of thousands. People who were too afraid and embarrassed of being stigmatized did not seek the help they required.

Those who do come forward seeking a solution to their problems often talk about how difficult it was and how long it took them to make that first phone call for help. In response to this problem, JACS has an active outreach program. JACS staff have found themselves in schools, universities, houses of worship, community centers, in home educational parlour meetings, professional settings and mental health institutions with crowds ranging in size from 10 people to 400.

JACS library of lectures and workshops includes such titles as:

  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting legalization
  • Raising A Child in the Age of Technology
  • How To Talk To Your Child About Alcohol and Drugs
  • Parents & Teens Connect
  • Transformation or Crisis: Facing Universal Fears
  • Helping Professionals: What You Need To Know About Substance Use Disorders.
  • A Call For Help: Talking about Suicide
  • Peer Pressure & Responsible Decision Making

In 2018, JACS undertook several new unique projects in response to the legalization of cannabis and the increasing physical and mental health issues surrounding technology use. JACS is always willing to customize a lecture or Workshop to the needs of the community they are asked to speak in.

JACS outreach is not a standalone program. Many who attend a lecture or workshop discover they need additional help. JACS has numerous support groups and provides individual and family counseling, helping people apply the ideas they heard during lectures into real-world solutions.

For more information or to book a lecture or workshop please contact David Kaufman at [email protected] or 416-638-0350 X227


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