Our Vision

To be a leading and trusted resource in the prevention and treatment of addiction

Our Mission

To deliver unified education, programming, care and support to all those affected by addiction in the Jewish Community and beyond.

Our Team

Rabbi David Appelrouth

Spiritual Advisor

In effort to best support our clients and provide holistic care, JACS is partnering with Bridges Medical Clinic to provide virtual addiction and mental health medical services. These services include addiction medication management, medical bridging before and after inpatient and/or outpatient treatments, medical monitoring for workplace and family law applications, consultations, assessments, and more. Bridges Medical Clinic’s team is comprised of both addiction medicine physicians and psychiatrists. Many services are OHIP covered.

Our Impact

In the post-pandemic era, where issues surrounding mental health and addictions were brought to the forefront, JACS’ suite of services have grown beyond supporting individuals and family members struggling with substance abuse.  We support  anyone who is struggling, regardless of their background or financial status.

This past year, JACS met with 1,450 individual one-on-one therapy sessions.

With over 7,900 cumulative groups visits this past year, JACS has continued to add capacity, and additional support groups to meet the demand of the community.

Over 25%

of JACS clients are seeking help for a sex or love addiction

Over 90%

of our individual client sessions were either subsidized or offered free-of-charge


Youth, young adults, and adults reached through our outreach programs

One Third

of our individual counselling clients are concerned family members