Our Vision

To be a leading and trusted resource in the prevention and treatment of addiction

Our Mission

To deliver unified education, programming, care and support to all those affected by addiction in the Jewish Community and beyond.

Our Team

Rabbi David Appelrouth

Spiritual Advisor

Ita Tobis

Director of Campus Programming, Courage 2 Change

Our Impact

COVID-19 amplified the relationship between mental health and addiction.
JACS Toronto responded effectively to support the community during these challenging times.

From March 2020 to February 2022, more than 1,500 individuals attended one-on-one counseling and group therapy sessions at JACS.

JACS clinicians worked with more clients in individual and family counseling and in support groups than before COVID-19 began: individual counseling clients and group attendees doubled during this period, increasing 94% and 105%, respectively.

50% increase

in the number of youth outreach workshops during the pandemic

52% increase

in the number of Jewish school visits during the pandemic

126% increase

in the number of students attending C2C presentations during the pandemic

367% increase

in the number of adult outreach presentations during the pandemic