Jewish Addiction Community Services Toronto (JACS) Staff Member Appointed 2023 Pride Toronto Sober Ambassador

Jewish Addiction Community Services Toronto (JACS) Staff Member Appointed 2023 Pride Toronto Sober Ambassador

Date: May 2023

Jewish Addiction Community Service (JACS) Toronto is proud to share that our very own Rami Elzas has been selected by Pride Toronto as the 2023 Sober Ambassador. Rami’s story is incredibly inspiring, as they struggled both with substance addiction as well as their own identity and sexuality. With Rami as the Sober Ambassador, Pride Toronto has selected a phenomenal role model for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community for overcoming addiction, and JACS Toronto could not be prouder of Rami for taking on this honoured position.

Rami’s Biography:
Rami struggled with substance use for many years. Growing up in Toronto, Canada, like many, discovering their own identity and sexuality was difficult. Rami turned to alcohol at a very young age to cope with adverse social challenges, a difficult education environment, and lack of acceptance from family members. For over a decade Rami’s substance use continued to spiral out of control. Until they were able to fully accept themselves as a non-binary queer individual, they were unable to get the support and assistance they truly needed. Through addiction and counselling support from JACS Toronto staff, Rami was able to get back on track. Now, over four years sober, Rami has gone back to school and got their GED Certification, and they are now finishing their last semester of George Brown College to become a Community Service Worker.

Rami’s story is incredibly inspiring. Rami is giving back to the community, and helping those in need. Rami works at JACS Toronto both as the Executive Assistant to the President and CEO, and as a co-facilitator of the weekly Rainbow Support Group. Rami’s created the 2SLGBTQIA+ group at JACS, recognizing the need to provide community members with a safe and supportive environment to discuss their issues.

When asked about their opportunity to represent Pride Toronto as their 2023 Sober Ambassador, Rami said; “I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to represent the 2SLGBTQIA+ community as the 2023 Pride Toronto Sober Ambassador, and to have my journey from addiction to recovery help others in need.”

About JACS Toronto:
Jewish Addiction Community Services (JACS) is a registered charity and is Toronto’s only substance use and addiction organization with a Jewish lens, offering support for the Jewish community and beyond. Our mission is to deliver unified education, programming, care, and support to all those affected by addiction in the Jewish Community and Beyond. JACS Toronto offers both individual and group therapy for individuals from all backgrounds, suffering from any type of addiction whether that is substance use or process addictions. JACS approaches support groups with a unique lens by offering groups based on what the community needs at the current time. JACS Toronto takes pride in supporting anyone in need, and with Rami’s help, those suffering specifically in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

“All those affected by addition” includes family members, friends or anyone in a support network who cares for a loved one with substance or behavioral addictions, and who seeks resources to support them. “And beyond” includes all individuals regardless of their background or belief. We offer barrier-free access to our programs and services for anyone who needs them. There is no waitlist to meet with a clinician for individual or family counseling, which is offered at a reduced fee or free of charge for those with financial limitations, and all support groups and outreach workshops are free to attend. Learn more about JACS
at: www.jacstoronto.org.

As a non-profit charity, JACS offers sliding scale support for those in need, and relies on donors to continue our life changing work. To make a donation to JACS Toronto, and support our vision, click here: