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To my JACS family,

Today at school [the staff] from JACS came in to talk about addiction. I learned a lot. I was a pot smoker, not a huge one, but one nonetheless.

I learned today that even though what I do now seems harmless, it could lead to a series of bad things and could ultimately really mess me up. Later that day I was offered to smoke with my friends. I thought about what was talked about today, and I built up the courage to say no.

From this day forward I will never smoke anything again, and I owe it all to JACS.

I never got a chance to give [the staff at JACS] my thanks. So if you would take the time to say thank you from me for potentially saving my life, that would be great.

Thank you.

— Anonymous student from York Region

To my JACS family,

I don’t know how to begin telling you what JACS has done for me and my family.

When we came through the doors a little over three years ago, we were at the end of our rope. We were an isolated, angry and fractured family trying unsuccessfully to deal with the family disease of addiction.

I came from an alcoholic family and never quite learned how normal people lived. The dysfunction was so much a part of me and my life that I couldn’t even envision something better. I drank and took tranquilizers when things were too painful for me to deal with, but I didn’t think I had a problem.

It wasn’t until my son was smoking crack and living in shelters that I began to realize that addiction was destroying our family. But it wasn’t until much later that it began to occur to me that maybe I had a problem as well. When we were at our worst, when we had no hope, JACS was there.

With the help of the staff and the other JACS families we have emerged from our isolation and have healed our relationships with one another. Both my son and I are now clean and sober and we’ve replaced screaming and hitting and visits from the police with hugs and kisses and mutual support.

Thank you JACS for showing us love when we were too stuck in our sickness to love ourselves.

– A member of the JACS family

The Teen program has truly put into perspective for me the drug culture in our community. It is an open forum which allows for honest communication in a warm environment. Justin and Nicole have developed a great relationship with all the teens and make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. I look forward to coming to the teen meeting every week.

–  I.M.

I think the teen meeting is an amazing program for every teen. I learned a lot about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and learned how to deal with other issues as well. I think every teen would benefit from coming to this meeting. I love it.

–  J.T.

I can’t express how grateful I am to the people at JACS for sharing their experience, strength and hope with me.

For along time I felt alone and didn’t know where to turn. I had an addict in my life and things were just getting worse. I had seen and done things I thought were unheard of.

I realized my life had become unmanageable but thought I could fix it on my own. I couldn’t, I was powerless over the addict and his drug use. Not only did JACS help me to find a higher power in my life but I found a new way of living whether the addict was using or not.

The people at JACS introduced me and my addict to others that could help. My addict is now in recovery and 7 months clean. Because of JACS my life has become manageable. I keep going back to JACS because they have become my second family and there are so many family members out there that need me to show them it can get better one day at a time and they too are not alone.

– A member of the JACS family