We provide education and support to those suffering from or affected by addiction.


Looking for ways to give back to your community? We can always use your support.


Support us by attending our exciting and entertaining events throughout the year.

Support JACS

To make it easier for those interested in helping JACS Toronto, we have created multiple opportunities for giving. Please follow the link below to find out more about each opportunity.

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General Donations

Funding for JACS Toronto’ ongoing operations.

(Please remember to specify the category in the Donations form)

Outreach and Education Programs

Help JACS Toronto get the word out to community at large.
Your contribution to JACS Toronto’ Outreach and Education Program will allow us to expand the range of programs JACS Toronto offers. Our goal is to reach and educate as many people as is possible. With your help, we can reach and educate more.


Help develop and expand JACS Toronto’ innovative programming for the most vulnerable among us.

JACS Toronto conducts two special events every year to raise funds and public awareness for Benji Hayward Teen program. The first such event, held in May 2006, was a high-school “Battle of the Bands” featuring celebrity guests, such as radio personality Todd Shapiro from The Edge 102.1.

To grow its innovative programs, and continue with outreach and special events, JACS Toronto needs your help. We are looking for donations for the programs, as well as goods in kind.
These include:

JACS Toronto’ branded teen keepsakes (such as key chains, carabineers, coffee mugs, etc.)

Event prizes (larger dollar value items or services)

Raffle prizes (smaller dollar value items or services)


Use your contribution to enable JACS Toronto to hold essential events.
JACS Toronto holds a number of annual and one-off special events to raise awareness and funds .
The following is a list:
• Annual Theatre Night
• Annual Golf Tournament
• Annual Summer BBQ
• Annual Purim Party
• Annual Women’s Retreat
• Annual Outreach and Education Day
• Annual Outreach Conference


Enable those less privileged to attend retreats and events essential to their recovery.

JACS Toronto hopes to never turn away someone from a special event or retreat just for the reason that they can’t afford it. JACS Toronto has created a special scholarship fund to ensure that anyone interested in an event can participate.

To find out more or to contribute to JACS Toronto contact:
Zalman Goldman
Managing Director, JACS
(416) 638-6446

Cheque or Money Order Donations can be sent to:
JACS Toronto
858 Sheppard Avenue West
Toronto, ON M3H 2T5

(Please remember to specify the category in the Donations form)